Solvent Processing

Regardless of the dry cleaning solvent being used the solvent is cleaned and recycled within it. Solvent can be used for hundreds of cycles. The process generally goes like this. Used solvent is mechanically filtered to remove heavy debris like dirt and returned to the solvent tank. The solvent is then distilled to remove other contaminants. A few examples of these are oils, grease, and dyes. The distilled solvent will then be returned to the pure solvent tank for use in the next wash cycle. The filter is cleaned once daily before disposal the waste can be placed in a “muck” cooker. This equipment distills the solvent from the muck, the vapors are condensed in a carbon abortion unit. This extra solvent can then be placed back into the pure solvent tank. This muck cooking process allows for less produced waste and recovers additional solvent which is otherwise lost. This in turn cuts the cost of disposal fees, additional solvent purchase, and is more environmentally friendly.