Industrial vs Commercial

Industrial dry cleaning operations typically cater to business laundry needs. These large laundry facilities work with each wash load averaging 500 pounds. These industrial facilities utilize the transfer method of cleaning. This means they use multiple machines throughout the cleaning cycle. Typical processes have two separate wash tanks. The first has charged solvent and the second has pure solvent. Charged solvent contains added stain removing chemicals. Having two stages of solvent baths ensures large quantity loads are completely cleansed. industrialiwasherThe next step is transferring the garments to a heated air dryer. Here the load is separated into smaller groups, about 100 pounds apiece. This allows for complete extraction of any leftover solvent.  Finally, the dry garments are taken to finishing stations for pressing and bundling to be returned to the business of origin.

Commercial dry cleaning operations encompass neighborhood cleaners. Typically small franchise shops catering to household needs. These businesses utilize machines with about a 60 pound capacity. They can utilize transfer cleaning machinery or an all in one dry-to-dry machine. In the dry-to-dry machines washing, and drying are done within the same unit. After the cleansing cycle they are then removed for pressing and bagged for pick up by the customer.